What players and parents have to say!

"Eric is the most well rounded soccer coach at any level (travel, premier, high school, ODP, college) that my daughters have worked with or played for. Eric’s complete understanding of the game has allowed him to dissect the game and then develop the technical and tactical drills that support the very successful offensive and defensive approach his team’s use which is quite beautiful to watch. Eric’s layered approach to teaching is important but it is his attention to detail while the player is learning that makes him 2nd to none. He teaches the skill, observes and corrects, adds pressure, and then makes the player use the skill in mini-games before they can score (on a small target). Eric’s teaching approach is designed to develop a thinking player as he asks a lot of questions instead of telling the player what to do. He also accomplishes this by having his teams work together to solve game scenario challenges. Ask Eric about his 11 vs. 0 scrimmages. I have observed Eric working with players and teams between the ages of five and eighteen and I am extremely impressed with his ability to teach all ages and skill level."

 "My closest contact with Adam has been that as a parent of a child on his Irondequoit team. As a coach he always exhibited maturity beyond his years and had the ability to identify with each player and recognize their strengths for maximum production. He also had no difficulty relating with the parents despite his youthful age. Coaching at a travel level he had numerous responsibilities but always met them and exceeded our expectations as a coach. Due to his passion for the game of soccer he has always been looked to as one of the go to people in the Irondequoit Soccer Club and his hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of volunteer coaching of both teams and clinics resulted in the Irondequoit High School soccer program seeking Adams assistance."

"Adam is clearly knowledgeable and committed to the game and coaching these girls.  He has a wonderful demeanor, is positive with the girls, but serious about the game. His focus has been on teaching the girls the nuances and skills at the level they need to be competitive and successful on any team. Although he clearly wants to win, winning isn’t the goal, teaching the girls is. We believe the girls both like and respect him and are inspired to improve their game with him as their coach."

“Eric is a tremendous asset because of his extreme attention to detail, phenomenal ability, outstanding reliability and awesome communication skills with every age group. He earns respect from everyone with whom he works because of his leadership skills, constantly setting wonderful example for performance on the job and exceeding his own personal expectations for success. "